Online Photo Directory

If you didn’t have a chance to have your photo taken at the recent photo session, there is another option for you. Simply send, to Joanne Dence at (, the information listed below. Please note you can include all or just some of the contact information but at the very least, we will need your email address so we can send you the detailed instructions on how to download the directory to your smartphone. Whatever information you send,  WILL be included in the directory. You can also access the directory from the Zion website. It is password protected, so once you are in the directory, you can call the church office for the password. To ensure everyone’s privacy, only members can be included in the directory. If you are already in the directory, and any of your contact information has changed, please forward the new information so we can make the appropriate updates.

A recent photo (JPG format), Name, Children’s names (if applicable), Address, Phone Number, *Email address
*Required for mobile access.