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GOING…Going…Gone This is a clearance announcement for all Fair Trade products (coffee & olive oil). We never maintained this ministry to make any money, it was simply to support the Fair Trade farmers. Since Fair Trade products are now available in stores in and around Ann Arbor, we are letting this ministry come to a natural close. We will not be placing any more orders, when the supply is exhausted, there will be no more. Pay close attention to pricing […]

The Esther Bus is Getting Painted!

The Esther Bus is Getting Painted! The new mobile ministry bus will be painted this month by a well-known graffiti artist named Antonio “Shades” Agee. Tony travels the world as a commissioned artist and is excited to share his gifts with our congregation. He is inspired by the works of the famous artist Peter Max and will create a bus that is unlike any other church bus on the planet. Though the bus will be used within our church to […]

Traveling Art Piece by Cindy Mitchell

Traveling Art Piece by Cindy Mitchell From March 27th through April 3rd, Zion will host a traveling art piece entitled Peace Angel. The artist, Cindy Mitchell, grew up in our congregation and is thrilled to be coming “home” with her beautiful work of art. You will find her artwork located on the tile in the Welcome Center. You will be amazed at the beauty of her work. What a blessing and honor that Zion gets to be a host on […]

Step by Step Walkers

Step by Step Walkers The Step by Step walkers are meeting at Meijers on Ann Arbor Saline Road at 1:20PM on March 4th. Meet by the pharmacy. We will circle around every aisle and finish in an hour. We will make sure the pace is comfortable for all walkers. Please email Barbara Debner if you are coming so she can watch for you. We will also meet any walkers at Zion in the Welcome Center on March 22nd at 4:20 […]

Zion Women’s Away 2019 Retreat Planning

Zion Women’s Away 2019 Retreat Planning Plans have begun to create a weekend retreat for all women at an exciting conference center in 2019. There is still time to be part of the leading team that will meet a few times this year. During the March meeting we will discuss dates and themes, and begin ironing out other details. Join the planning team on March 20th at 7:15PM for an hour in the Stellhorn lounge. Voice what kind of 2019 […]

Mason Jar Encouragement Event

Mason Jar Encouragement Event The Encouragement Event for March is on Wednesday March 14th between 4:30 and 6:45PM in the Ark (preschool room) upstairs (weather permitting). We will finish in time for Lenten services in Yeager Chapel. The goal is to make luminary jars to give to people that need encouragement. Please bring glue guns, if you have one, and please email Barbara Debner if you are coming. If you wish to take a Luminary Jar home yourself, we request […]

Waymaker Fund

Waymaker Fund In January of 2018, Zion’s Council established a new dedicated fund that will be funded above and beyond our offerings and tithes. The Waymaker fund as it is called, is for non-budgeted ministries that are outside the walls of Zion. The fund is to give us a margin and create a different discussion as we move out into the community and take risks. The council felt so strongly about this fund they have seeded it with $10,000. We […]

God and Grub in Need of Funds or Food

God and Grub in Need of Funds or Food Every Wednesday 20 – 30 people gather for our noon chapel service and lunch that follows. Many of the individuals who attend are community members and folks who reside at the Delonis Homeless Shelter. At this point, the designated account for the God and Grub ministry has run dry. If you are interested in making a monetary donation that will be used to provide a mid-week meal, please write God and […]