Zion Lutheran Church now proudly offers E-Giving, an electronic funds transfer program whereby donations are made to Zion without the donor having to write a check.

There are two convenient ways to sign up for E-Giving:

  • Click here to sign up for E-Giving online using the secure payment service
  • You can download an E-Giving Authorization Form as a pdf file or Word document and return it to the Church Office.

E-Giving FAQ’s

1) What is E-giving? E-giving is an optional and additional method of making donations to Zion. The company that Zion’s Stewardship Committee thoughtfully & prayerfully selected to use for this service is Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Through this automated program the donor may choose to have their contribution(s) automatically withdrawn from their checking account, savings account or credit card. You, the donor, determine the amount and the frequency of your contribution – weekly, monthly, or one time only.

2) Who is Thrivent Financial? Thrivent is a non-profit insurance and financial investment company for Lutherans. It is a Fortune 500 company that gives back to communities and Lutheran congregations. If you would like to know more, please call David Granner at 734-996-8811.

3) What are the advantages of E-Giving? There are many advantages to E-Giving. Its convenience can save you time and simplify your life. We hope this service will help to level out the flow of giving, especially during the summer months so that they are not as financially challenging for Zion’s bill-paying during this time. Additionally, we anticipate it will help reduce costs by potentially eliminating the need to mail offering envelopes to homes that use this service exclusively.

4) How often can Funds be withdrawn electronically from my account? You may elect to have funds withdrawn on a repetitive basis either weekly or monthly or you can select to make a one time only donation/contribution.

5) Can contributions be directed to specific funds within Zion? Yes. You may currently select to contribute all, or a specified portion of your donation to 3 of Zion’s funds – Operations, Building and General Memorials. Memorial contributions will be designated “in honor” or “in memory” of the individual you specify.

6) Without a cancelled check, how can I prove that I made a contribution to Zion? The financial institution that represents your account (checking, savings or credit card) generally provides you with a statement that would reflect your donation. Additionally, Zion will include all E-Giving transactions in your quarterly and annual giving statements.

7) Are there any processing fees or charges that will be incurred by either donor or Zion as a result of using this service? No & yes. There is absolutely NO cost to you, the donor. In accordance with our contract with Thrivent, there are NO processing costs to Zion for any checking and savings account transactions. However, Zion is assessed a small fee for ALL credit card transactions, it is a percentage based on the dollar amount of the contribution.

8) How do I make an adjustment to my e-giving account? Adjustments to your e-giving can be made using your username and password. Or, you can contact Zion’s Finance Manager at 734-994-4455, extension 11 for assistance.