Adult Classes

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Bible-based education classes, Bibleland for children 3 years through fifth grade, JAM for middle schoolers, Caffeine and Christ for High School students, catechism, new member orientation classes and guest speakers are offered during the Faith Formation time during the academic year beginning at 10:10 am.

For a complete schedule, please see the church calendar at or on the welcome screens as you enter the church.

To learn more about classes offered, please pick up the blue flier in the Welcome Center or you can download it here Adult Education Classes. You may also call the church office at 734-994-4455.  Pre-registration is not required.

Adult Education Classes for March

March 4: The Four Gospels’ Passion Narratives

This is the second of a two week class comparing how the four Gospels treat the passion narrative of Jesus: his persecution, death and resurrection. How are they similar? How ae the different? What do they mean for us today? Led by Pastor Jim, Classroom A.

March 4, 11, 18, 25: Fundamentalism in Abrahamic religions

This series of classes will examine the fundamentalist movements in the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Prof. Rick Rogers, from the Department of History and Philosophy at Eastern Michigan University will begin by giving us a basic understanding of each of these Abrahamic religious, and then discuss how religion and politics have combined to create sizeable fundamentalist responses in each of these faiths. He will also spend some class time helping us to think about ways to break down stereotypes, and how we can go about opening profitable dialogue between these three faiths. Piper Hall.

March 11: The Challenges of Discipleship and Finding Jesus in the midst of our Tribalism

More than ever before, contemporary American society seems to be fragmented into self-identified groups with their own concerns and agendas. How, as Christians, can we go about proclaiming Christ in the midst of our increasingly “tribalized” culture?” Dr. Gary Herion, Professor of Religious Studies at Hartwick College will share his thoughts with us on this very timely question, and help us think about ways to reach out across boundaries to share our faith. Classroom A.

March 18: Have the Homeless Become Invisible?

Many times as we are walking across town or shopping or running errands, we encounter someone who is homeless, or asking for a few spare dollars. Perhaps we are just wrapped up in our own thoughts, or perhaps we are in a hurry, or perhaps we are having a bad day—but far too often for whatever reason, we simply keep walking, ignoring that person. There are many, many reasons we should take some time to say hello to these folks—not the least of which is our role as disciples of Jesus. This class will give us a chance to talk about our own experiences and reactions to the homeless and the needy, and offer some insights into how, as Christians and fellow human beings, we could reach out with some kindness and help to these people. Led by Ron Delph, Classroom A.

March 25: Finding God in Unexpected Places

For those with eyes to see, traces of God can be found in the most unexpected places. Where is God in conflict, in the common and in coincidence? Are you ready to search deeper within your own life to reveal the footprints of God? Led by Pastor Vicky, Classroom A.


Thursday Midweek Bible Study

In the Beginning Creation, Fall and Flood – Genesis Chapters 1-11 The opening chapters of the Bible lay the foundation for the entirety of scripture. If you do not understand the opening chapters of the Bible – you will not understand the Bible!

Within the opening chapters of Genesis we are introduced to God and our relationship with Him We are told what it means to be human, the reality of sin and its consequences, God’s ongoing love and care for his creation—in particular, humankind, plus much more that we will cover.

Classes run through March 22, 2018 (the week before Holy Week). We meet in the upstairs Sunday School room from 1:30-3PM, with a break for some goodies. We would love to have you join with us, and please invite your friends and neighbors to join with you – we love to see more and more people “in the Word!” Classes are led by Pastor Walt Schmidt.

Love Lives Here Bible Study

Our next women’s bible study date for the Love Lives Here group meeting is March 11 at 6:30PM (weather permitting) at Barbara Debner’s home. Bring your bible and a copy of Choose Joy by Kay Warren (if you have it). Enjoy fellowship and a light snack. We will watch a short video followed by discussion. We will lift our prayer concerns too. New women are always welcome. Email Barbara with questions or to get her address.