Zion’s Instruments

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Zion is blessed to have many wonderful musical resources to lead worship including:

Sanctuary Organ                                            Chapel Organ                                        Steinway Grand

The Sanctuary Organ at Zion was built in 1958 by the Schantz Organ Co. of Orrville, Ohio. It consists of 30ranks (sets of pipes) with a total of 2075 pipes ranging in size from as small as a pencil to over 17 feet tall! The pipes are made out of   various materials. The largest, as in the facade, are made of zinc. Some of the other metals used are tin and lead with small individual movable pieces made of brass and copper.   The wooden pipes are made of either pine or poplar. Every pipe is completely made by hand! There is no production line work here! The console has three keyboards with the key tops being solid ivory.

After the building and land, a pipe organ is the most expensive acquisition for a church. The replacement cost of Zion’s organ would be over $500,000!

Sanctuary Organ 1     Sanctuary Organ 2

The Chapel Organ was built in 1972 by the Schantz Organ Co. of Orrville, Ohio.  It is a two-manual pipe organ containing 372 pipes and it resides in Yeager Chapel.  Totally enclosed, it’s tonal resources are derived from five-and-a-half ranks:  Nason Flote 8′, (with a 16′ Pedal extension), Gemshorn 8′, Principal 4′, Quinte 1-1/3′, and Trompette 8′.

photo 1     photo 2

The Sanctuary Grand Piano was purchased in 2001.  It is made by the Steinway & Sons company of Long Island City, New York.

photo 2     photo 1

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