International Missions


IMG_0110 Living Hope Ministries – Haiti

Zion actively supports Living Hope Ministries – Haiti, which is a 500+ student primary school, a 200+ student trade school and a church.  We have taken six trips over the past seven years.  Our teams have ranged from 8 to 16 travelers and have ranged in age from 17 to 70.  It’s truly a inter-generational event, where we grow together as a family.  In the past, our activities have included: Taking photos and measurements of all the children for the sponsorship program; Painting the inside of the church; Teaching crafts and activities with the classrooms; Playing with the students during recess; Replacing a tarp roof with a tin roof; Teaching music (voice, piano, trumpet, guitar, flute, dance); Installing wireless internet throughout campus; Organizing school supplies; Lots of light maintenance projects; etc.  But the most important activity is to live, work, laugh, and learn the Haitian ways with Mary Jane and Andris and the Living Hope staff.  We get to see the pure joy the Haitians have for life and the Christian community they show every day during school and church.  See a few pictures from last year’s trip.

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Tanzania World Health Clinic

Young Adults in Global Missions

Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) is an ELCA program offering a year long service experience for young adults age 21-29. The program is active in over twelve countries. While abroad, YAGM volunteers practice the Global Mission model of accompaniment, walking alongside our global partners and growing together through Christ with the help of various NGOs and community initiatives.

In 2014-15, Zion member Emmeline Weinert served in Soweto, South Africa at the Diakonia AIDS Ministry, a social ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa. That year she was joined by 63 other YAGM in service globally and eight companions spread throughout Southern Africa. Over the course of the year, Emmeline focused on developing relationships with neighbors, coworkers and hosts and in turn was cared for and taught by people of all ages and backgrounds. Her year created opportunities to share stories and offer new narratives about what it is to be American, what it is to be South African and who we are as a global church and global people.

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