Ministries of Zion

Zion’s Mission is to “Know Christ, Grow in Christ, Make Christ Known.” Our path to that mission is through our six core ministries as well as other support ministries introduced below.

Core Ministries


Zion’s Welcome Ministries encourage us to introduce others to our faith and provide both members and guests with an inspiring initial experience within our Christian community. We hope that “welcome” is evident in both word and deed as we invite our friends to church, extend hospitality to guests, and welcome all to active membership at Zion.


Zion’s Worship Ministries seek to enable praise and worship to God that is inspired, authentic, excellent, inclusive, and relevant. We offer diverse worship styles in hopes that each disciple and visitor will experience the real presence of Christ among a community of believers.

Young Discipleship

Zion’s Young Discipleship Ministries hope to create an environment that is engaging, fun, open, welcoming, and challenging for our young members. We do this through Zion’s Nursery, Bibleland Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, First Communion, Faith Incubators Confirmation, and High School Ministry.

Adult Discipleship

Zion’s Adult Discipleship Ministries provide a wide array of opportunities for adults to learn about and mature in their faith.We believe we are all called to be disciples – followers of Jesus. As we become more spiritually mature, we move from simply believing doctrines about God into a relationship with God that transforms the way we live and think in every aspect of our life, expecting God’s transforming power in our lives.

Caring Ministries

Our Member Caring Ministries seek to feel the complete presence of God in our caring for one another. This is done through listening, lifting in prayer, nursing, and comforting. This ministry also offers spiritual preparation for marriage, counseling, and many other services to our members.


Zion’s Outreach Ministries aim to extend the church beyond our walls and into the community to give hope, food, shelter, clothes, and more throughout God’s world. We are empowered and commanded to love our neighbor. Our members have gone on mission trips to Chicago, the Carolinas, and Tanzania. We help build homes for Habitat for Humanity. We reach out in relationships that model love, humility, and servanthood.

Additional Ministries

Family Life Ministry

Zion’s Family Life Ministry aims to support families and serve their needs.


Zion is very diverse in our music making, but our goals are the same. In our music making, we strive to do the following:

  1. PROCLAMATION – Proclaim the GOSPEL in song
  2. ACCLAMATION – Praise God in song
  3. EDIFICATION – Lift us God’s people in song