High School Youth Ministry

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High School Ministry

High school ministry encourages spiritual development of teenagers and prepares young adults for a lifetime of Christian discipleship and service. Zion’s youth group consists of an eclectic group of teenagers which includes Zion members, non-members and friends. Youth group activities include Grace Place (select Sunday evenings), regular social & service activities (retreats, concerts, service projects, etc.), and annual trips (including the ELCA Gathering & mission trips).  All high school students are welcome to attend all youth group meetings and activities. Check out the most recent trip to Spring Hill. https://quik.gopro.com/v/HXWRQJ33bC/  Contact Nathan D’Andrea for more information ndandrea@zlc-aa.org

NOTE: Sunday Morning “Caffeine + Christ” is a part of our Bibleland Program.  9th – 12th grade youth meet in the Omega Room for Caffeine + Christ at 10:10-11:10.

last grace place 2013


Please refer to the church calendar, that can be accessed from the home page, under News and Events for dates of upcoming events.