Worship at Zion

We believe that worship is the heart of any community of faith. The worship experience forms our identity as Christians and binds us together in love for God and in service to the needs of all people.  We seek to build diverse worship experiences which gather a diverse people together to hear the life-giving Word of God, receive the renewing sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, and support one another in living the faith-life. To this end, we have three different services every Sunday and Chapel services every Wednesday.

Wednesday Chapel Service

Wednesday at noon in Yeager Chapel with Holy Communion

Sunday Worship Schedule

During the academic year (Labor Day through Memorial Day)

  • 7:45 AM       Early bird coffee time
  • 8:00 AM       First Light Worship – No Screen, Organ, Use ELW Hymnal
  • 9:00 AM       Sola Worship – Screens, Choirs and Organ
  • 10:10 AM     Faith Formation Hour
  • 11:11 AM     Ignite Worship – Screens, Worship Leader and Liberty St. Praise Band

Faith Formation Hour includes bible studies, guest speakers, catechism, new member orientations, Bibleland, JAM, and Caffeine & Christ.

Nursery services available for the 9:00 and 11:11 AM services and during the Faith Formation hour.

 Attire is Casual

During the summer months, (Memorial Day through Labor Day):

  • 8:30AMDrive-in service – Outdoor in the rear parking lot, stay in cars listen to radio.
  • 9:30AM Sola Worship – Sanctuary
  • 11:11AM – Ignite Worship – Sanctuary

  Nursery services available at 9:30 and 11:00 AM services only

  Attire is casual.

Yes, we said “Drive-in” service.  During the summer months our early service is broadcast through your car’s radio.  The only need to get out of your car is for the celebration of Holy Communion.

Occasionally special services will be held instead of these standard worship times.  Please check the Announcements on the home page.

Recordings of our worship for our home bound members is one way in which we communicate with our congregation.  Illness and disabilities have an isolating effect – cutting people off from their daily contacts and routines in the wider world.  To help counteract that isolation, Zion records the 9:30 worship service on a CD and distributes them to home bound and hospitalized members.  If you are interested in receiving this weekly recording of our worship services, please contact the church office. The 9:30 and 11:00 services are also now livestreamed.



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